Is your credit card debt taking over your financial life? Pay off your credit cards once and for all.
If you’re like most of us, you might have one or more credit cards in your wallet. This looks like a good idea until the introductory period has passed and you have received a higher interest rate than you expected. Many cards start at zero percent but quickly convert to a higher rate after a certain period of time, or you send a payment that is several days over the date. This practice is thriving in the credit card industry. This is how some unscrupulous card issuers make their profits.
Many of your cards may be in default and you may have bad credit because of them. The best solution for you if you have credit card debt that requires a huge chunk of your income is to make minimum monthly payments to pay off your credit cards forever.
Bad credit, unsecured credit is a loan that every card issuer can pay off and will allow you to avoid the interest that is tied to each month. Your new loan will repay the principal you have withdrawn from each card in full, and then you will repay your bad credit. This will save you tons of interest and may even save you from bankruptcy.
Since your bad credit, unsecured credit is a risky business for a lender, you should be willing to pay more interest than a borrower with good credit. However, the interest you pay will always be less than the interest you currently pay on your credit card (s). And as an added benefit, your monthly payment will be much less than the pooled payments you may have made on multiple cards. This means you can save more of your freedom, take money home, pay, and use it for other purposes.
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