For lovers of dating on the Internet, a «rainy day» can also come. It became known that hackers had broken into Adult FriendFinder, the world’s largest site for adults, where people wishing to find partners, including for one night.
As it turned out later, the hackers’ attack became possible due to the fact that users entered mostly very simple passwords. The organizers of the hacker attack are already known, but, of course, it is not easier for amateurs to go «left» from this.
This hacker attack can be called the deepest dive into dirty laundry in the history of mankind. 412 million people fell victim to cybercriminals. Passwords to pages with personal information got into public access. Yes, what! The most popular resource for one-time dating. Now, unfaithful husbands and wives looking for carnal pleasures on the Internet are terrified, but many sexologists are sure that there are not so many reasons for panic.
“Hacking of such a site cannot cause serious harm to the absolute majority of people. Ordinary people on dating sites are wary of posting overly explicit photos. Such pictures are more often published by professionals or professionals, whom they will not bring harm, but on the contrary will attract new clients ”, — Alexander Poleev, a psychotherapist, sexologist, comments on the incident.
Intimate pictures and videos, not intended for public viewing at the behest of hackers, have become public knowledge more than once. In most cases, Hollywood celebrities suffered from this.
But the domestic divas got no less: Sati Casanova, Anna Semenovich, Elena Berkova, Ksenia Borodina, against their will, “opened” for the fans from an unexpected side. Not to mention the spicy shots of the famous stretching of Anastasia Volochkova, where the most «intimate» was barely hidden behind a narrow strip of fabric of her mini-bikini.
And now it turns out that hundreds of millions of ordinary people can become victims of the attack. The loss of privacy at the most unexpected moment is a cruel retribution for strawberry hunters, especially if the site was used by unfaithful spouses.
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