A credit card is a very convenient and reliable tool for making various payments in stores, on the Internet to pay for services online, at an ATM or terminals.
Many people keep their funds in bank accounts to which a bank card is linked. One of the most famous banks in Russia is the Russian Standard Bank. When applying for a loan in this bank, borrowers can get a credit card with a limit, which they can activate and use the funds for their needs and requirements. But before using the card, you must activate it. This bank, if you recall, became one of the first institutions to send credit cards to its customers.
It is very easy and simple to activate a credit bank card; anyone can do it on their own, just by calling the bank. Having learned the phone number on the website of the Russian Standard Bank, you need to call this number to the support service, and inform the operator that you want to activate the credit card. You can also activate it by contacting the operator in automatic mode, but for this you must call from the phone number specified in the contract. In order to activate the card using an answering machine, you must switch the phone to tone dialing by pressing «*». And then follow the instructions of the answering machine.
If you cannot cope with such a procedure for activating the card, then you need to wait until you contact the bank’s support service. After you contact the operator, you need to inform him that you want to activate the card. The operator will ask you to clarify some information, namely the card number and your passport data. You also need to pronounce the code word that you have come up with in order to protect your account.
In addition, the operator may ask you for other information about which you must strictly inform him. Before activating the credit card, the operator will inform you about the conditions of its use, which you should listen to carefully so that there will be no problems with using it in the future.
If you have any questions, then you should definitely ask them from the operator. The operator will inform you that the credit card is activated, then the automated system will create a universal PIN code for you and inform you about it. The PIN code must be written down or memorized, but do not wear it written on a piece of paper next to a credit card.
After that, your card will be functional, and you can use it, pay with it for purchases in stores or withdraw cash from ATMs. But you need to remember that you need to replenish your card account monthly with minimum payments, which depend on the percentage of the amount you withdrawn.